Professor (Dr) Alex Benjamin Madzivire

Pro Vice Chancellor: Finance & Planning, Business Development & Operations

Professor (Dr) Alex Benjamin Madzivire is an Associate Professor of Business Leadership at Women’s University in Africa (WUA and Pro Vice Chancellor for Finance and Planning, Business Development and Operations effective 1 November 2020). Professor (Prof.) Dr Madzivire, an honoured member of the International WHO’s WHO of Professionals for its 2012 – 2013 Edition, was admitted to the degree of Doctor of Business Leadership with the University of South Africa’s (UNISA) Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL) in 2004. In 2000, he had been admitted to the degree of Master of Business Leadership with the same institution.


Prof. (Dr) Madzivire also holds diverse accreditations, academic and professional qualifications. Prof. (Dr) Madzivire is the Founder and Inspirational Thought Leader of MaCoTra (Pvt) Ltd and MaCoTra Business Schools.


In 2011, Prof. (Dr) Madzivire authored and self-published 4 books from his Doctoral thesis. In 2012, he proceeded to author and self-publish 7 books, providing further insights on each one of the 7 MaCoTra Model Choruses. He is in the process of writing a second edition of his 12th book detailing the evolution of the MaCoTra business from 1980. He deposited 25 articles on the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) institutional repository in 2013. Seventeen of these articles are being formatted into a book to be published for academia in 2020.  In the process of self-publishing books and articles, Prof. (Dr) Madzivire has developed more than 14 conceptual strategy and leadership tools to guide people’s strategic thinking, innovation and solutions seeking processes from multiple contemporary perspectives.


Prof. (Dr) Madzivire started off his career as a teacher for High School mathematics students in 1982. He then got promoted to leadership positions of Deputy Headmaster, Headmaster and Education Officer (in the Zimbabwe Ministry of Education) before joining the private sector in 1993.


Prof. (Dr) Madzivire has transitioned from application of theories of organizational change driven by Western approaches by developing a distinctive African transformation methodology – the MaCoTra (Madzivire Collaborative Transformation) Model. The MaCoTra Model – a CHORUS-based model – is the platform for all his transformational consultancies cutting across the private sector, public sector and civic sector. The MaCoTra model also informs all his other works.


Prof. (Dr) Madzivire’s major accomplishment is cited by his clients and associates as contributing directly towards incisive transformational business leadership at the individual, team, family and institutional levels.


Prof. (Dr) Madzivire teaches WUA students Strategic Management, Strategic Quality Management, as well as Strategic Leadership and Corporate Governance courses. Prof. (Dr) Madzivire also supervises and mentors students working on Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) studies and Master of Business Administration (MBA) dissertations. One PhD student supervised graduated at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in 2017, one mentee earned a PhD with Witwatersrand University in 2017, and another mentee a PhD at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa in 2018. Several MBA students have graduated at either UZ or WUA (where he is member of a number of University committees and has led the MBA programme).


As part-time lecturer, Prof. (Dr) Madzivire taught UZ students the MBA Corporate Governance & Business Ethics course; Leadership & Corporate Performance course; WUA students the MBA Strategic Management course; the Management & Leadership course; the Master of Public Administration (MPA) Strategic Leadership & Management; the Masters in Science (MSc) in Strategic Marketing (SM) Strategic Quality Management (SQM) course; and Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) students the MBA Corporate Governance course; the MBA Strategy 1 course, the MBA Strategy 2 course, the MBA Change Management course; and the MBA Leadership course.


As lecturer and subsequently senior lecturer, Prof. (Dr) taught MBA WUA students the Strategic Management course; the Corporate Governance course; and the Strategic Leadership & Corporate Governance course; MSc in SM WUA students the SQM course.




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