• Scholarships for PhD Students Eight (8) CSSP PhD candidates were allocated a total of $18 000 to be shared equally amongst themselves to enable them cover fees for their first year of study. The scholarship applications were dully assessed by the WUA Scholarship Committee. Each student was awarded $2,250. The candidates were working on their proposals and are at various stages of research. They were each allocated one internal (WUA) supervisor and one associate external supervisor.

Small Research Grants Initiative

  • A sum of USD40 000 was allocated for the CSSP Small Research Grants Initiative by UNICEF. The Small Research Grants Initiative was therefore implemented towards the end of 2018. Six (6) individual and two (2) institutional grantees were selected to conduct research that covered a wide range of child centred themes. Individual and institutional grantees were each allocated $4 000 and $8 000 respectively.

The following is the list of the Small Grants Research Initiative recipients and their research topics focusing on specific thematic areas.

Schedule A: Individual Recipients

  1. Nelson Muparamoto (University of Zimbabwe) Nutrition and Health Health Seeking Behaviour, Access and Utilization of Health Care Services Among Children Who Live in the Streets, Harare CBD.
  2. Sandra Bhatasara (University of Zimbabwe) Nutrition and Health
  3. Abel Blessing Matsika (Midlands State University) Foster Care Foster Care in Zimbabwe
  4. Maxim Murungweni (Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children [ZNCWC]) Child Sexual Exploitation an Exploration of the Identification, Documentation, Training, Rehabilitation, Reunification and Community Reintegration Services Available for Child Survivors of Sexual Exploitation in Zimbabwe.
  5. Memory Mhlanga (Childline Zimbabwe) Violence against Children Attitudes and Perceptions on Alternatives to Corporal Punishment.
  6. Gabriel Muza (Africa University) Child-friendly Budgeting/Investment in Children Investment in Children and Human Capital Development in Manicaland, Zimbabwe. An Analysis of Children's Rights to Food and Nutrition Security among Low Income Households: The Case of Hopley Farm. Addressing Gender Disparity & Fostering Equity in University Education

 Schedule B: Institutional Recipients 

  • CATCH Trust Substance Abuse Correlation or Co-existence: Understanding Children and Substance Abuse WUA
  • CSSP Research Team Children and Resilience Understanding Vulnerability of Children to Child Labour in Climate Smart Agricultural Initiatives in Zimbabwe: Case Study of Mazowe District.


Participation in Conferences

The CSSP department was represented by Dr H Venganai at the 2 day Cross-Country Learning Forum on enhancing Child Rights Implementation in Africa held at Africa University to commemorate 30 years since the inception of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the African Charter. The Forum was attended by representatives from Government, Academia, and Civil Society Organisations from 12 African countries namely eSwatini, Ethiopia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, Sudan, Ghana, Rwanda, and WOMEN'S UNIVERSITY IN AFRICA.


Participation in Workshops and Conferences

  • There was limited participation in local and international conferences. However, some members of the department participated in online conferences and workshops.
  • In April, the CSSP and UNICEF project which had been in the planning stages for the better part of 2019 finally commenced. The CSSP department was commissioned by UNICEF to come up with a Peacebuilding and Social Protection Handbook for the Ministry of Public Service Labour and Social Welfare (MoPSLSW). This saw the 6 member team (Drs Mahiya, Venganai, Mutanana, Mabeza, Benhura and Mr Mayuni) embark on a series of consultative workshops to gather data for the handbook. Below is a summary of the activities and pictures of some of the events.

Activities summary

13th October, 2020


Small grants research presentation workshop


26th October, 2020


Consultative workshop with Harare Junior council and parliamentarians, Ministry of Youth

29th and 30th of October, 2020


Consultative workshop with MoPSLSW and other stakeholders

17th December, 2020


Validation workshop with MoPSLSW



Training of Trainers Workshop

  • The Handbook and Training Manual were completed
  • CSSP conducted the training of MoPSLSW personnel (these will cascade the training down to district levels). The training was held in Bulawayo from 25-28 May 2021

Day of the African Child

The CSSP Department, represented by MCSSP Intake 8 students, Dr H Venganai (Chairperson - Gender and Transformative Sciences Department) and Dr A.R Benhura (CSSP Coordinator) visited Kudakwashe Care Centre located in Stoneridge, Harare on 19 June 2021 to commemorate the Day of the African Child. The MCSSP students and the accompanying lecturers collected food and non-food items which were handed over to the centre on the day of the visit. The bulk of the items collected were from the group’s monetary and in-kind pledges as well as a few friends/family of the group members. Food items collected included sugar, flour, cooking oil, rice, beans, kapenta and assorted vegetables. Non-food items were mostly clothes, sanitary wear, reading and colouring books as well as games (such as playing cards).


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