Fees and Finance

Please be advised that only registered and fully paid up students will be allowed to write exams and payment plans are not being accepted.

  • Students should have paid 100% of their fees to be allowed to write exams.
  • Students should have registered for their courses for this semester


Loan Facilities

  • Please be advised that EDULOAN will be on campus from Monday 12 November 2018, accepting and processing University Loans for students who have financial difficulties.


Student ID Cards

NB: Entry into the examination venue is strictly upon presentation of your student ID card.

  • All Students with Pending Student ID Cards will have their cards made available to them before examinations commence.
  • Students without ID Cards WILL BE DENIED access into the venue.
  • Students with lost IDs or those who require a replacement should pay a $5.00 fee at the cash office and visit the ICT department or:
    • Alternatively pay via ECOCASH by dialing the following short code *151*2*3*59166*5*6325340#
    • From the confirmation message, paste the reference number provided in the textbox as shown below from your student portal image upload application and click the Send Request button.
  • Deadline for registration is 23 November 2018
  • Note no student cards will be printed during the examination period.


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