Kwashirai Zvokuomba


Educational Qualifications

PhD Candidate (Sociology) University of Johannesburg

Master’s Degree in Development Studies Women’s University (2010)

Bachelor’s Degree Honours Sociology, University of Zimbabwe (1993)

Certificate in Social Work, University of Zimbabwe (2005)


Research Interest

Research interest in land reform, agrarian studies, gender, feminist anthropology, development anthropology, cultural and food security studies


Pending Research Work and Publications

  1. a) Zvokuomba, K. Gendered Politics of Knowledge Production: Personal Experiences of Researching Women’s Lived Experiences in the Context of Zimbabwean Land Reform.(The African Journal of Women and Gender in Development)

b)Zvokuomba, K. Widows and Widowhood in the Context of Land Reform in Zimbabwe: The Mushandike Small-Scale Irrigation Resettlement Scheme ‘Exceptionalism’

  1. c) Zvokuomba, K. Women Commercial Farmers in the Post-Fast Track Land Reform: A Zimbabwean Social Policy Perspective. (Social Policy in Africa Journal)
  2. d) Zvokuomba, K.Women Land Ownership and Land Inheritance by Second Generation in Zimbabwe: Land Inheritance in Old Resettlements of Masvingo District. (African Institute for Cultural Peace Dialogue and Tolerance Studies)

Research Paper Presentations 2018

  1. e) Zvokuomba, K. Mushandike Small-Scale Irrigation Scheme, ‘the hydrology of hope’ in the Semi-Arid Region of Southern Zimbabwe: A Feminist Critique. (MSU Conference September 2018.
  2. f) Zvokuomba, K. Violence, Patronage Politics and Farm Ownership in Zimbabwe: Land Distribution Realities. (South Africa Sociological Association Conference 2018 Cape Town).
  3. g) Zvokuomba, K. Placing the Doma Indigenous Knowledge Systems of the Zambezi Valley in a Changing Environment: An Ethnographic Review. (Anthropology Southern Africa, University of Botswana September 2018.
  4. h) Zvokuomba, K and Chikoko, W. ‘Life on the margins’ The Post Land Reform Realities for the Girl Child Living in Farm ‘Compounds’. The Case of Sunside Farm near Harare.
  5. i) Zvokuomba, K and Batisai, K. The Rise of the Middle Class Farmer in the Post- Fast Track Land Reform in Zimbabwe: A Feminist Perspective. (University of Zimbabwe ConferenceJuly 2018)
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