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STANBIC  Minerva Branch -  0222098988702

ZB Borrowdale Branch - 4168214192080

ECOCASH BILLER CODE - 59166 (Choose the Option [Pay School Fees] & include your student number)

NB: Women's University in Africa now has Point of Sale facilities therefore students are advised to come through to pay their fees with ease.

An offer of a place to study at the University does not imply that financial support will be provided by the University. The obligation to seek and obtain adequate funds to enable a student to complete his/her studies rests entirely with the student. The University charges competitive fees as approved by the Council. Fees should be paid before or at registration. Additional fees may be required when deemed necessary.

No intending student will be permitted to register, to attend classes and to have any access to University facilities unless the student is able to pay the necessary fees or produce written evidence of having adequate sponsorship.

Prescribed fees are valid for one academic semester and these include: tuition, registration, accreditation of Prior Learning, examination, computer, practical, laboratory, caution, field trips, appeal, library, desk, sports, attachment, dissertation/project and graduation.

Procedures for payment of fees
Payments shall only be made by deposits at any ZB Bank Branch in Zimbabwe indicating the Women’s University in Africa, Borrowdale Branch Account Number.

Failure to Pay Fees
A student is only registered for the semester upon full payment of fees. Where a student has not paid the fees in full within the registration period, she/he shall not be allowed to attend lectures until full payment has been made. No University service shall be offered to unregistered students. Where the University is owed money or otherwise by a student, the University shall take legal action.

Fees Refund
Only a proportion of the fees as deemed by the University shall be refunded. The remainder shall go towards administration costs.

The University has several scholarships awarded each year to students who meet the requirements. The onus is on the student to apply when these scholarships are advertised. A University Scholarship Committee processes applications and selects successful applicants. If a recipient under performs she/he is warned first, if the performance continues to go down, the scholarship is withdrawn.