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The Women’s University in Africa seeks to be the best African university in the promotion of gender equity and equal opportunities in tertiary education.

To provide quality tuition, research and service to the community to empower students, particularly women, for leadership and developmental roles.

Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork

Objectives of Women’s University in Africa (Statutory Instrument 130 of 2004)

  1. To provide and promote research with emphasis on agriculture, information technology,  science, management and leadership, and any other field in which the University may from time to time be engaged in;
  2. To provide gender sensitive and socially responsible education and training in an environment of principled inquiry, tolerance and equity;
  3. To address the  gender disparity in higher education in Africa;
  4. To educate women and galvanise their endeavours and leadership qualities so that they can offer quality services based on the ethical value systems within their communities;
  5. To provide opportunities of research and development in areas of vital concern to women in Africa;
  6. To encourage co-operative interdisciplinary teaching and research of established academic women in the areas identified in order to harness their innovative capacity;
  7. To open up permanent network to academic women on a global scale, which would strengthen the existing academic structures and enrich the contents  of their disciplines;
  8. To link the education of women to poverty reduction in Africa;
  9. To promote peace, human rights and democracy through educated, caring and responsible women open to other cultures and respectful of human dignity and differences.
  10. To increase the quantity and quality of human resources and development for the betterment of the Continent of Africa;
  11. To increase and create quality and relevant science and technology learning;
  12. To increase women’s involvement in decision making;
  13. To teach students to strive for mental excellence in the pursuit of knowledge.