Submit Photo for Student ID Card

Women's University in Africa requires every student to possess a student identity card for easy identification on campus and for each student to be able to access various facilities on campus.

Due to the nature of our stakeholders' backgrounds we have noted that not everyone can access our facilities at a fixed time during working hours and therefore we managed to develop a submission portal for your photo for a student ID card. 

Please follow the steps below to submit your photo and be able to collect at your convenience.

NB: Every first year student is required to have acquired an ID card by the end of the first month once semester commences.

Step 1.)

Logon to your STUDENT PORTAL with which an account is created for you automatically upon enrolment as a student.


You Login details shall be your Student number as your username and Your national ID number as your default password. This default password can be changed once you have logged in.

Step 2.)


Once you have been logged in, you shall be presented with a page showing the menu on the left and your personal information.

Click on the STUDENT ID menu on your left as shown in the image.

Step 3.)

Enter login credentials as your student number and surname and click "Continue".

Step 4.)

You are presented with an "Instructions" tab:
  1. Requirements
    • Shows you the kind of a photo expected of you to send.
  2. How to upload photo
    • Shows steps to take uploading the photo
  3. Do not attach photos that:
    • Illustrates the kinds of photos that will be declined
  4. Status Meaning
    • Illustrates what a Card Status means in a case where a notification email is sent regarding the photo submitted.


Step 5.)

Click on the "Upload" tab and fill in the form provided which requires:
  1. Email address
  2. Campus
  3. Photo you want to attach

Once form has been filled, click "Upload Image" to submit you details.

Step 6.)

If your photo has been submitted, you will be presented with a pop message that states your photo with your student number has been uploaded successfuly. Click "OK" and the page will redirect you to tab 3 "Status" showing the photo you attached and the details you provided as well as the default status "PENDING" which shows that your card is in queue for printing.


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